Really – you’ll provide me with references? Thanks a lot, Mr. MOTO!

Attention Resume Writers:  I am making an appeal to everyone writing their resume for the first time in years, as well as those just making updates.  If you have the following:  “References furnished upon request”, please delete it immediately. 


I’m not exactly sure how long this has been floating around, or when it gained such popularity, but think about it.  Offering up references as if they are the sparkling alternative to tap water?  Come on.  Of course you will provide references if you are longing to get that dream job – or even a job that will barely suffice for the time being.  References are an absolute given.  Although some employers may not ask for them, they fully expect for them to be available. 


Oh – and who is Mr. MOTO ?  He’s Master of the Obvious.


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