The evolution of the job seeker from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to WALL-E

Remember when you used to type up your resume on a manual typewriter? Oh, the correction tape we burned through….sorry if I am dating myself. Some of you may even be saying, “What is a manual typewriter?” Then came the IBM Selectric. What an advance that was for people like me who can’t type. I know what you’re thinking, if I have been typing that long, I should know how by now….nope, not happening. You would take that resume, tri-fold it, put it in a nice envelope and mail it. Three weeks later, you would get a letter from the prospective employer acknowledging receipt of the resume. Two weeks after that you may get a call from an HR person to screen you or got the dreaded “Thank you for your interest” letter. Oh, you were applying to more than one company, then repeat the entire process. Ever look back and wonder how we got jobs back then?

Then came the fax. It was like the stuff from Star Trek. You could beam your resume to an HR person within minutes. Wait a week and get a letter acknowledging receipt of your resume. Two or three days later you get a call asking you to set up a screen or the still dreaded “Thank you for your interest”letter.

Then we enter the 1990’s the decade of some of my all time favorites Mars Attacks, Men In Black, and Independence Day. Things sure were moving fast then, remember. You could email a resume to HR and get an auto response in minutes. We would wait a day or two and either get a call looking to set up a screen or, the still dreaded, “Thank you for your interest” email this time.

Welcome to 2009 and beyond. The age of social networking, personal branding, and Job Seeking 3.0. If you are still using job boards you are not going to find a job with a forward thinking, entrepreneurial company. Those companies are using the techniques we are teaching them on how to reach the most desirable candidates and “A” list players who do not post a resume. Just as there are “Employers of Choice”, there are “Desirable Candidates” that companies actively court. Would you like to be someone that a company calls to ask if they would be interested in working for them? Check back and I will tell how. People we are working with, both happily employed and actively looking, are branding themselves as “Desirable Candidates”.


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