WTF? Why Are My Job Postings Being Ignored?

Have you ever posted a job description and then wonder where all your applicants are?  You’re thinking maybe you hit the wrong button and it never even was posted…. You expected a deluge of resumes but it never happens and you can’t figure out why no one seems interested in such a great opportunity. You know that the job description you posted is a really detailed list of job responsibilities and qualifications, but you aren’t seeing much activity.  So what’s the deal?

Time for a new approach.  Take the job description and approach at it as a marketing tactic.  A job description should be interesting and offer an attractive opportunity.  In essence, you should think about how to market the job by asking how YOU as the hiring company can help THEM the job seeker.  Your goal should be bringing in potential candidates and having a selection of people from which you can choose.  I do recommend listing some necessary qualifications so there is some self-selection of applicants.  It is not a requirement that you post every detail of a job.  The key is to intrigue people – create the desire for them to WANT to find out more.  

Like in advertising, you are competing in a crowded space – you need to differentiate in order to capture attention.  Don’t just list the features – hype the benefits! Highlight the aspects that someone may not think about.  If your company has a flexible work environment or free backup childcare, for example, write about it! Most importantly, think about the demographics of your target candidate and focus on elements that would be appealing. 

You may want to think about posing a question or two so to get the reader to open their mind and think about the possibilities your opportunity can put on the table.  You can ask something generic like “Want to work on more meaningful projects?” or even a specific question such as, “do you want to tell your friends you work on some of the largest supply chain projects in the world?”   

So to break it down – two simple changes that require just a little bit of thought and effort may make a world of difference.

  1. Think in the shoes of your reader — Appeal to your target audience through effective messaging that is relevant.
  2. Differentiate — Make it interesting so you set yourself ahead of your “competition” – not necessarily your direct competitors from a business standpoint, but those competing with you for the attention of great candidates.

Of course, taking this approach in your overall recruitment strategy will only enhance efforts down the line as well.  Good luck!


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