A “Spooktacular” Workplace!

A “Spooktacular” Workplace!

Trick or Treat! It’s that time of the year again. The streets are vibrant with fallen leaves, jack-o-lanterns line walkways, and the smell of apple crisp fills the air. In a few weeks these very streets will become the stomping ground for all sorts of miniature monsters, creatures, and celebrities both ghastly and glamorous. All on Hollow’s Eve will take the night in search of mischief and fun with hope of cashing in on some serious confectionery loot. So what about the rest of us? Are we still allowed to behave like children during the most mischievous of times? We reply with a resounding “YES!” If not now, then when can we behave like the kids we once were at heart and still attempt to be adults?  Whether it comes in the form of an office appropriate costume or cheating on that diet for just one day to indulge in your favorite childhood candy bar, we encourage you to celebrate in your office this time of year to the best of your ability. It is occasions like Halloween that break up the monotony of everyday life, and therefore it is important to let loose and celebrate a little! Additionally, in honor of the trick-or treating festivities here are some treat ideas to make your work week a little sweeter as well as some tips and tricks to keeping your staff from resembling the cast of a cheesy zombie flick.

Ways to Keep Your Office Environment Lively 

1.) At Talent Retriever there is never an eerie silence. Everyone has their designated “radio day” and the music is always playing. It really helps the day go by and keeps us upbeat as we work. Try playing music at a work-appropriate volume level throughout the day; you may be surprised at the attitude difference you will see in your employees

2.)  Have a joke of the day. Research has also shown that children, with all their energy, laugh around 400 times per day while adults, with their lack of energy, laugh only about 15 times per day. More energy in the office will result in more productivity and positive morale overall. Halloween is the perfect time of year to start this tradition since we all feel a bit like children again. Write it somewhere everyone in the office can see, post it on your intranet – just be sure to keep it office appropriate!

3.) If you are in a space conducive to it, encourage employees to personalize their workspace.  Of course the technical skills and expertise are keys to effective hiring, but most organizations also choose their team for culture and personality fit – let it shine through! You can have some fun by incorporating an occasional season-specific decorating theme!  How about a Most Creative Pumpkin contest? Mostly everyone loves a little healthy competition, so if a small fun prize were to be awarded, people will likely get in the spirit!

Sweet Treats

Since Halloween falls smack dab in the middle of the work week this year, we thought we’d share this quick and fun recipe. Okay, okay, we get it. Your lives are chaotic enough without throwing in a mid-week ode to Betty Crocker. That’s what makes these cookies so great! They require NO BAKING and only call for three ingredients. How simple is that? Dare we say they come together as if by magic? Plus they’re super fun to eat! It’s just the thing to sweeten up your office environment this Halloween!

Witches Hat Cookies 

Fudge Stripe Cookies

Hershey’s Kisses (or hugs)

Orange, Purple, or Green Icing

Flip the cookies upside-down, and dot each one with an icing dob. Stick the Kisses onto the icing and TA-DA! You’re done, and guaranteed to be popular in the office that day!
Happy Halloween!


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