A Day to Reflect

For a number of working Americans, today serves as a nice break from the monotony of daily life. Mondays are not easy on anyone, so when a three day weekend presents itself, who is really going to question it? We know we’re not! This Monday off can be a blessing to those of us who need to catch up on household chores, or perhaps want a day to relax after a weekend full of activity.  These bonus days are a luxury for sure, but the reasons behind the various freebies in our schedule differ depending on which holiday they represent. Today, in particular holds a significance that goes well beyond the usual blow-out sales and leisure activities.

When someone mentions Thanksgiving, our first thought is often TURKEY! However, as we learned in grade school, the meaning behind this celebration has to do with much more than chowing down on our favorite comfort foods. Similarly, today happens to be a day of remembrance. Every year on November 11th, the world celebrates Veterans Day, in order to pay homage to those who have served our country in the armed forces. Officially, the holiday was yesterday, however because it fell on a Sunday this year, many have today off as well. Therefore, whether you’re off or not we’re asking members of our social network to keep in mind what today actually means. While it is perfectly understandable to enjoy this day of rest, remember that it is also a day of tribute. Since the topic is now on your mind, we encourage you to share this message with members of your own social networks as well. A subtle reminder is all it takes to help someone else see the significance connected with this important day.

This reminder can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, before you share a meal with family or friends, give a toast of appreciation to commemorate those who have served for us. A less formal mention can also be equally influential. Maybe you are planning on doing a fun activity with your kids. If this is the case, you could casually comment about what a privilege it is to be able to do things like that together. This will remind them how amazingly fortunate we are to live in The United States, and that those who have helped preserve our rights are to be honored, today especially.

Whatever you do with your day off, we hope it is something positive. Do something you enjoy! Or perhaps put your energy into helping someone out, that you may not have time to help normally. Use your time productively, or use it to relax. Regardless of what you do, try your best to have a nice day, all while remembering those who have contributed to this country in the past, as well as those serving  for us currently.


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